Download and print out your choice of Halloween poster

Halloween: No Trick or Treat Callers    Halloween: Welcome Trick or Treat Callers

Display your chosen poster in your window or on your front door on 31st October. A polite notice to trick or treat callers makes it easy for them to tell if they'll be welcomed or not. If you don't want callers knocking the poster will hopefully prevent you from being disturbed and save them the bother of knocking. These posters have a white background to make them easier to read in low light and to save your ink when printing.

Download the No Callers or the Welcome Callers poster. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open the file (most computers have this installed, if not download Acrobat first).

The posters are provided by OWL - helping to keep your neighbourhood safe. For more info about OWL, or to sign up for free, please visit our home page. If you're on Facebook please "LIKE" our page, below.

Which Halloween poster will you choose?