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Logging In
To access OWL a username and password is required. This may have automatically been sent out by email if your email address was added to OWL by your Coordinator or Watch Liaison Officer. If you believe you should have received a username and password please first check your junk mail folder. Sometimes email programs mistake emails from OWL as junk mail. If you still can't see an email from OWL please contact a senior Watch member or your Watch Liaison Officer and ask them to check if your email address was added to OWL. They can get OWL to resend the email to you if necessary.

To log in just click on Log In at the top of this page. If you haven't logged in before you will see three text fields labeled username, password and postcode. If you can’t see the postcode field click on the button labeled “This is the first time I’ve used OWL” and the postcode field will appear.

Type in the requested information, or copy and paste it from the email making sure not to accidentally copy any trailing spaces. In the third field type in your postcode – this should be from the address of where you live. Click on the Log In button underneath and OWL will authenticate you if the information matches up.

If successful you will be taken to the Terms & Conditions page. It’s necessary to agree to the terms & conditions in order to complete your log in. At the very bottom of the page are two buttons providing the choice to agree or disagree. If you click on “I Agree” you will be taken into the secure part of the site. Agreeing to the terms & conditions is a one-off process so you won’t have to go through this step again. The next time you log in to OWL you will just be asked for your username and password.

Further Help
If you require help with using the website please click on the Help menu button after you've logged in. From there further information is available to you.

Police, Sales & Media Enquiries
Please visit the contact page where we can assist with your enquiry.


During the login process, and for the duration while you're logged in, a secure connection is maintained between your computer and the OWL web site. Information sent between your computer and OWL is fully encrypted making it extremely safe. Your web browser will show a padlock icon to confirm that the page you are viewing is secure (just like Internet banking).

Another aspect of security is your password which you must never reveal to anyone. OWL, the police, or a representative from Neighbourhood Watch will never ask you to confirm your password so please never give it to anyone.


It's important to provide OWL with contact information such as your email address or telephone number, otherwise it will be very difficult for the police and coordinators to warn you of crimes happening in your area or to pass on other important messages. All contact information you provide is stored securely and is only accessible to your local coordinators and certain police staff who work with Neighbourhood Watch. Coordinators who manage other streets and watches can not view your details. Furthermore, your details will not be passed on to other organisations or companies.

If you are a coordinator then your basic contact details will be shared with members of your watch only and other coordinators in your area. This privacy policy has been approved by police forces taking part in OWL. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy please speak to your Watch Liaison Officer at your local police station.